30 Day 100 Glute Challenge – So Far.

Hey angels,

Todays blog  is something a little bit different. I’ve been wanting to get back into working out for such a long time but I seriously lack motivation. I could get up earlier in the morning to do a workout before work but I’d rather stay in bed…then I could do it when I get home from work but by then I feel too tired and I just want to have dinner, shower and jump into bed with a film.

If that’s not pure laziness I don’t know what is! Then I came across a blog Blogilates about the glute challenge and I have seen these floating around before but I thought this time, I’ll actually try it out.


I really like that she has made a calendar with pictures of the exercises so u can see what you are getting yourself into and then everyday she posts on youtube a video of herself and a guest doing the workout so you can either do it with them or watch it to get the hang of it and then do it by yourself. You can find her youtube channel here.

It started on the 4th August and ends on the 2nd September – I’m really proud that I have actually stuck to it and not missed a day since I started. I come home from work and I get changed into my work out clothes and begin my work out. When I have a day off I normally do it the morning so its done and I can get on with my day but it doesn’t take up too much time and its made me feel so much better in myself actually being motivated and doing something that’s healthy for me rather than sitting around.


If you don’t know what the challenge is, its where you do 100 reps of an exercise a day and in this instance the exercise is for your bum. Now I done a stupid thing and didn’t take a photo of myself before I started or take measurements so I have no way of tracking any progress so if you are going to start I would definitely advise doing one of these.

I’m really enjoying it and I feel like after I’ve completed the 30days I really do want to continue working out and staying in the mind set that I’m in.

Have you angels heard of this challenge? If so have you tried it before? Are you doing it this time? If so how is it going?

Leave me some comments down below id love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for reading guys and I’ll speak to you all soon ♥

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