L’Oreal Paris – False Lash Architect Mascara.

Hi angels,

You know when your getting to the last of your mascara when it doesn’t apply like it used to and it feels like its ripping your eyelashes out because the brush is dry … well that’s why I was on the prowl for a new mascara. Now don’t get me wrong there was nothing wrong with the mascara I was using before, I like how it made my eyelashes look but I enjoy trying new mascaras to see the difference in products.

My newest purchase is the L’Oreal Paris False Lash Architect 4 Dimensions Effect Fibres Mascara (the longest name ever) but it sounded really cool so I wanted to try it ha! That’s a good enough reason to buy something isn’t it?

Facetune 10

I purchased mine at Boots and it retails for £10.99 but you can pretty much pick this up at any drugstore, you can also purchase it here.

Its silver mirrored packaging is quite eye catching aswell and I like how they kept it simple with the black font. I was pleasantly surprised when I took out the wand aswell, if your an OG and have read my blogs from a couple years ago you will know I cant stand the plastic wands! It has to be a bristle brush and I don’t like it when the wand is too thick either (yes, I’m very fussy). This wand is quite long and angled and fairly thin which means you can really get in there and coat all those lashes without it getting messy and poking yourself in the eye.

Facetune 11

This mascara has quite a few benefits aswell, it has undetectable and ultra supple 4mm fibres which builds up the lashes to make them look volumized, lengthened, textured and curved. Another thing I really like with this formula is that it doesn’t make your lashes hard or stiff, you can apply a couple of coats (it isn’t needed, its just if you prefer that look) and they still remain subtle. The bristles on the brush are spaced evenly so they coat every single lash with no clumps.

Facetune 9

For £10.99 I really feel like this mascara is one of the best I had used and yes I probably said that about the last one but honestly, I do believe I will be repurchasing this one again as the wand has won me over and the results are everything I could want in a mascara.

If you guys have tried this mascara, let me know your thoughts … Or let me know what your favourite mascara is.

Thanks so much for reading guys and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥

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