Nyx – Newest Purchases.

Hey angels,

I wanted to share with you my two newest purchases from NYX. One of them is fairly new and the other one I don’t think so much but none the less I wanted to try them both so I brought them (that’s normally how it works isn’t it haha).

Now the first lipstick I can honestly say – ‘Instagram made me buy it’ – I saw this pop up on my feed from the NYX page of some girl wearing this colour and I thought Holy crap balls – that colour looks amazing! Now I love me a bold statement lipstick, there’s nothing wrong with wearing funky colours, its a cool way to match with your outfits and just experiment with colour.

Its from their new collection NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lipstick, I brought mind in the shade ‘Shake That Money’ which retails for £8 and its a gorgeous forest green shade. Now I know this wont be to everyone’s cup of tea but I LOVE it! I have red hair at the moment so I’m sort of clashing at the moment but its honestly a look! I definitely want to do some makeup looks with this lipstick on and post on Insta so if u don’t follow me already, head on over there so u can keep updated!

The packaging is so frickin cute guys! Its a black plastic casing and the colour of the lipstick is in the love heart on the front!


The formula feels incredible, its velvety soft when you apply and it goes on smoothly so there’s no tugging. I’m pleasantly surprised that its not a drying matte lipstick either, we don’t want those crusty ass lips do we? It definitely wont happen with this. Its very lightweight aswell so its not a heavy cakey formula on your lips which makes it very comfortable to wear.


This collection comes in 24 different shades which are all stunning and reasonably priced and they all have matching Suede Matte Lipliners to go with the lipsticks which only retail for £4 – sorry what? – I just want them all!

The next thing I purchased was another lip product but this one is a gloss. Now I don’t normally wear glosses, there’s no reason for it, I just always reach for lipsticks. I was browsing in the NYX section for a little bit and I came across their collection of Candy Slick Glowy Lip Colour. I really like the shade I brought which is called S’MORE PLEASE and it retails for £6.


Its a gorgeous brown nude and the shine is amaze balls! I feel like this shade would look insane over the top of MAC – Velvet Teddy lipstick! The lip gloss is highly pigmented which I really appreciate and I find is sometimes hard to find in a gloss so well done NYX! It has a really sweet scent which just makes you want to lick it off ha, but don’t!

I LOVE the formula to this one aswell, honestly it feels soo silky when you apply it, especially when you rub your lips together, its definitely not sticky which again is a major thing for me when it comes to glosses. I just really like how it applies and like I said, the pigment is amazing and the applicator makes it really easy to apply.


The packaging for this product is simple but cute. The tube is the colour of the lipstick and it has a gold lid with the swirls like a candy shop sign would have so its very fitting with the name.

In this collection there are 12 different shades which are more nudes and reds with a few purples so there is still quite a few colour options there that I think would suit everyone.

Overall I’m super pleased with my purchases, I really want to branch out more with the different coloured lipsticks from the Suede Matte range and a couple more I have my eye on from the Candy Slick collection.

Have any of you angels tried these products, if so, what shades did you pick up? Let me know down below in the comments =)

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥

Instagram – Everythingbeauty992.



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