Next – Nude Nail Polish Collection.

Hey angels,

I used to get my nails done religiously at the salon when I was younger so I never really had to think about buying new nail varnishes as they had all the colours in the salon.

I like to keep my nail varnish collection fresh (saying that, I haven’t brought any for the past year!) So when I was in Next the other day purchasing some bedding, by the till is the makeup section and I came across this Set Of Four Nude Nail Polish Collection, the colours are absolutely gorgeous and the thing I love about nude/neutral colours is that they literally go with anything and everything,

The set of varnishes cost me £10 which personally I think is a great price, especially if they are good. The set consist of 3 pinky nudes and a very light nude shade that I’d say is on the cream side but I’m a huge fan of all the colours.


The packaging is very simple but I don’t mind that as the colours are the statement piece. The font kind of reminds me of the Nails Inc Nail Varnishes.

The first colour in the set is called ‘Barely There’  which is a stunning pinky nude with gold flecks when it hits the light. I really like the formula as its not thick but not watery either and the brush is a decent size so you can do two strokes and you’ve covered your whole nail. I tried this colour on one of my nails (I did with all them before deciding what colour to choose first) and 2 coats is plenty for all of them.

The next colour in the set it called ‘Sahara Desert’ which is the most perfect dusty pink shade.

Next we have the colour ‘Sheerly Not’ which is a creamy shade. This is the lightest colour out of the 4 but I don’t hate it! Its such a gorgeous shade, I literally cannot wait to wear this one!

And last but at no means least we had the colour ‘Stay Sassy’ which is darker pink but still nude shade. This is the colour I chose to pop on my nails and I adore this colour. All of the shades are super pretty and I used a top coat which wasn’t from next but my colour has stayed on for the past 3 days without chipping and they still look great!


For £10 I really cant fault this set, the colours are stunning, the formula is really nice and the wear is fab which is what you want from a nail polish. As you can tell I’m really happy with my purchase and I definitely would buy nail varnishes from Next again.

Let me know which colour is your favourite out of the four =)

If you angels have tried any makeup or polishes from Next, let me know what you have tried =)

Instagram: Everythingbeauty992

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll speak to you all soon ♥


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