My Shower Essentials.

Hey angels,

I’m sure we all have our favourite things we like to use in the shower or when we have a bath, things that we will always repurchase because of the smell or because we like how they work for our skin.

Today I wanted to share a few things I always have in my shower that I enjoy using, some are things I have brought within the last month or two that I’m enjoying using so why not share them with you angels.

First things first is the Radox Body Wash, it isn’t anything fancy but it comes in a range of different scents and they just make me feel really clean and fresh after my shower, the scent seems to last quite a while aswell. Doesnt it pee you off when you buy a body wash and it smells like a dream in the shower, then once your out, within 10 minutes the smell is gone and its like … did I even shower?

I picked up the Feel Uplifted Radox in the scent Pink Grapefruit & Basil…It might sound like an odd combination but it smells really fresh and it lathers up really well. I got the bigger size as they were on offer when I purhcased them , I believe it was 2 for £3.00… they normally retail at £2.50 which isn’t bad at all especially as this is the bigger bottle which you get 500ml inside so it lasts quite a while seeing as you only need a little bit.

I also picked another one up which was the Good Vibes Radox in the scent Rose Water & Pink Elderflower. This is the one I’m currently using in the shower and its half empty so I didnt add it in the pictures. I find this one to be quite a soothing scent and because of the rose water its very hydrating for your skin.


Another essential of mine are these Champneys Charcoal Infused Exfoliating Gloves, these retail at £5.00 and I love them! It says you can use them wet or dry, personally I’ve never used them dry and I don’t think I would either. I just make sure they are wet first before I use them, apply my body wash to the gloves and rub in circular motions so get rid of any dead skin cells making sure my skin is super smooth.


Next up is my razor. The one that I’ve been using recently is the Gillette Venus Extra Smooth and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ll use any other razor again. This literally gives me the smoothest legs ever! It has 5 diamond-like coated blades which helps give you a closer shave, it has a protective ribbon of moisture which makes your skin smoother for longer – I love when things actually do what they claim to do, honestly, this razor is a game changer.

The head of the razor itself actually pivots (that word just reminds of the friends episode with the sofa haha – anyone else?) and it’s rounded head makes it easy to get to those hard to shave areas. The razor retails at £9.00 which already comes with a head in the pack, you can also purchase the heads seperatley. I picked up 1 box which has 4 heads in and that retails at £12.00 (£3.00 each) It is more pricier than a standard razor but its 100% worth it.

Last but by no means least, this moisturiser is just fab. Its the E45 Rich 24HR Lotion Spray. This retails at £7.49 and you get 200ml inside. It has Evening Primrose Oil in which is known for its skin nourising properties, it helps to lock in moisture to keep your skin super hydrated.

It doesn’t have any fragrance to it either which for some might be boring but I quite like it. It’s fast abosrbing so you don’t have to wait around for it to soak in. I really like this one because its a spray aswell, I find it makes application quicker and easier to rub in so its great if your in a rush.

So there we are angels, those are just a few of my shower essentials, what are yours?

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥

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