Nyx – Vinyl Liquid Liner.

Hey angels,

I hate to admit this but at the age of 27 I’ve managed to master the art of winged liner. Okay, maybe ‘mastered’ is a strong word to use as it’s far from perfect but I have tried and given up so many times in the past as I found it so hard to do. I think most of that is due to the fact that my eyes are quite hooded and everytime I’ve tried, it just looks super weird.

I have watched many tutorials on youtube to try and get it right but nothing was working, it wasnt any fault of the products I was using, it was simply down to technique and finding that technique that works for me and my eye shape.

When I was browsing in boots at the NYX makeup section, I came across the Vinyl Liquid Liner and thought I would pick it up and give winged liner another go.

I can’t say that I have a preference to what eyeliner I prefer to use as this is the first time I have managed to successfully pull off a wing! However, I do really like how easy this product was to use, I like the gloss that it has but its not an intense gloss and I also like how black it comes out as I know some black liners can come out looking quite grey.


The Vinyl Liquid Liner retails for £8.00 which is such a great price. The packaging is kept simple in a classic black pot which has 2ml of product inside. When you take the lid off, it has a very thin brush at the end which reminds of a nail art pen. I thought it would be difficult to use and would flick everywhere but it applies really nicely.

It still took me a good few tries to get it right and I still cannot for the life of me do it first time! I’m getting there though!


Sorry about the colour difference in my skin tone, the pictures were taken in different lighting!

I think I will try different liners to see what ones work best for me but needless to say, this is a really good product. You can create so many looks with just a wing, you can keep it subtle or make it more dramatic, the more confident I get with winged liner, I definitely want to venture out and try colour and the glitter liners as they all look insane!

What is your favourite winged liner? Leave a comment down below =)

Instagram: Everythingbeauty992

Thanks so much for reading angels and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥

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