Nip+Fab Sheet Masks – Pamper Yourself This New Year.

Happy New Year Angels!

I hope you all had an amazing christmas and had time to relax and spend time with your families and eat way too much food like me aha!

With it being the start of a new year I really want to start taking care of my self a bit more, giving my skin some tlc, and what better way to do that than with sheet masks.

This was the first christmas my Fiance and I decided to do stockings for each other and we filled them with things that we know each other likes or would like. We opened these on Christmas Eve which was a really nice way to start Christmas the next day.

In my stocking it was filled amazing goodies, some which I havent tried before and this is where these sheet masks come in. He brought me six sheet masks in total but four of those were Nip+Fab which I honestly have already wanted to try but never thought to buy them for myself so I was super happy when I pulled them out.

So far, I have only used one but I was suprised at how good it was, theres nothing better than when a product actually does what its supposed to do. I’ll start off by telling you about the one I have used.

Dragons Blood Fix Hydration Mask.

  • Moisture infusing hydrogel face mask for soft + hydrated skin.
  • Intense hydration and skin comfort.
  • Hyaluronic acid + dragons blood.
  • Skin contouring + fresh effect.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the mask, I had a nice hot shower and used this when I got and just relaxed on my bed – not going to lie, it was pretty much heaven. I like to put my sheet masks in the fridge so they are nice and cold when I apply them, although I didnt do that with this one and it was still pretty cool.

The only downfall and I find this with majority of sheet masks is that they are very awkward to unpeel and put on, I find the nose bit is too big and when I breathe in, it covers my nostrils haha, its not even a bit deal and it really doesnt bother me, I just thought I’d point it out.

I left it on my face for 15-20 mins as suggested and then peeled it off and massaged the rest of the product into my skin and neck. My cheeks looked plump, refreshed and had a really nice healthy glow to my skin. This face mask retails for £5.50 in Boots and this is one I will definitely purchase for myself in the future.

Illuminate Vitamin C Fix Face Mask.

  • Vitamin C + Coconut water.
  • Brightens + Refreshes.
  • Reinvigorating + purifying.

As I previously said, I am yet to try the following three sheet masks but they sound so damn good! This one claims to be drenched in a brightening blend of actives for a lumoinous, glowing complexing. The Vitamin C helps for a brights and even skin tone, the coconut water is to refresh and reinvigorate and the citrus fruit extract is an antioxidant benefit which helps to purify the skin. This face mask retails for £5.50 in Boots.

Sounds like a dream don’t it!


Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Bubble Mask – Extreme.

  • Cleansing + oxygenating.
  • Exfoliating + 2% Glycolic acid.
  • Glow boots + radiance.

This one here is a oxygenating and cleansing mask with its 2% Glycolic acid to help smooth and retexture your skin. The charcoal in the mask helps lift away impurities and dead skin cells leaving your skin deeply purified and feeling fresh. This mask retails for £5.50 in Boots.

Ive seen so many people use the bubble masks and have always wanted to try one, this will probably be the next one I use as I’m super excited to bubble up.

Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Mask.

  • Cleansing + exfoliating.
  • Smoothing + retexturizing.
  • Glow boots + radiance.

Having glowy skin has been such a look in 2019 and I feel like its definitley gonna be a keeper throughout 2020. It makes you look super healthy and awake and I’m here for that. So this sheet mask sounds like a definite winner if you want that. It claims to give you an instant glow and makes your skin look radiant. The glycolic acid infused mask gently polishes the surface of you skin to help remove any of the dead skin cells which gives you a lift and brighter complexion. Again, this face mask retails for £5.50 in Boots.

Eek, these all sound so good don’t they? I cannot wait to use these out and see the difference in my skin.

I’m beyond greatful to have received these for christmas and I will definitely let you know my thoughts once I have used them =)

Have any of you guys used these sheek masks before? What are your thoughts?

Thanks so much for reading guys andI I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥


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