Sally Hansen: Miracle Gel Nail Polish.

Hello my angels,

I’m never normally the one to go and buy nail polish, the last time I did was back in October, I wrote a blog about them which you can find here.

For christmas, in my stocking, my fiance brought me three Sally Hansen nail polishes, the only one I have tried from that range was a nail strengthener and it was really good. He done really well with the colour choices (bless him) so I was really excited to try them out. He chose the Miracle Gel polishes in three gorgeous colours and also a gel topcoat.

Hand on heart, these are the best nail polishes I’ve ever used, the colours are so pigmented and I really like the brush applicator as it covers pretty much ur whole nail. Since christmas I have actually used all three of the colours he brought for me, another reason I’m loving these nail polishes is that they last so long without chipping!

With normal nail varnish, I only have to wash up or have a shower and I’ve got a chip in one of my nails but with the gel polish… a week and a half is the longest I’ve been with it on and it has only just started to chip right on the edges which isnt even noticeable. I only changed the nail polish because I was excited to try the other colours.


The first colour in my selection is a gorgeous coraly pink in the shade Pretty Piggy even the name is cute! It’s a really nice colour for spring/summer but personally I would wear this colour all year round. This retails for £9.99 so it is more expensive then your average nail polish but if you think about how many wears you’ll be getting from it and how well it actually lasts, it’s 100% worth it in my eyes.

The next colour I got is a stunning cherry red in the shade Red Eye again, this retails for £9.99. I’m a huge fan of the colour red so as you can imagine I was super excited to see this colour in there.

The last colour I got is such a pretty colour! Its a cobalt blue in the shade Tidal Wave and again, retails for £9.99 and like I mentioned, I love how true to colour they are, so pigmented and thats exactly what you want from a nail polish.

The final polish I received was a gel top coat to seal the deal. This also retails for £9.99. It does say on there it’s meant to last 14 days and its not wrong!


I loved the nail polishes so much that I actually went into Boots and purchased two myself! So I thought I would include them in here for you guys… I may have got another red polish! This one is a deep ruby red in the shade Bordeaux Glow and the last but not least is a one from their new collection. Its the new plant based range Good.Kind.Pure Vegan Polish and I got it in a rose gold shade called Golden Quartz. This one was slightly cheaper at £6.99 but they are going up to £8.99 soon.

Honestly, these are the best nail polishes and I’m so greatful to have had them as a present from my fiance, now his got me hooked on them so RIP bank account!


If any of you have tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes, let me know what colours you have tried and your thoughts on them.

Thank you so much for reading guys and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥



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