Beauty Essentials I Don’t Leave The House Without.

Hey angels,

Im sure most of us girl’s have a handful (or more) essential beauty products you never leave the house without, if you do, you feel partially naked…like somethings missing…am I right?

I wanted to share with you a handful of my essentials that you will always find in my bag no matter what.

01. Tedbaker Compact Mirror.

A bit of an obvious one, I like to keep a mirror with me at all time, granted, you could use your phone but I prefer an actual mirror to use as I find it a lot clearer. I like to use this at work after my lunch to make sure my lipstick hasn’t smudged or that I don’t have any food in my teeth, gross I know but I work in retail and lets me honest, nobody wants to see that.

02. Mac – Velvet Teddy Lipstick.

This is a product that has made a recent appearance on my blog and this is my second purchase of this lipstick. I like to keep an everyday nude colour with me as it goes with everything, I like how MAC lipsticks apply really nicely with its creamy formula. Do you have a favourite nude lipstick?

03. No7 Sheer Tempation – Shade (Shy Pink).

You can’t go wrong with a nude! This is quite a sheer lipstick/balm it just adds a little bit of something if you dont want to wear too much and I find these really hydrating aswell as they don’t dry down. I like to have the option of a lipstick, balm and a gloss.


04.  No7 High Shine Lip Gloss – Shade (Pink Latte).

How cute is the name of this one! This and the sheer tempation came in a set with a lipliner aswell but for everyday wear, these are the two from the set that I’ll keep with me. I like how this pairs up really nicely with lipstick, I don’t find it to be a sticky gloss either which is good because that is not a great feeling! I really like this on top of the Velvet Teddy by MAC aswell. It has a little bit of shimmer in the gloss but not enough that you look like a disco ball. It’s a very pretty colour and it’s definitely one of my favs.

05. Burt’s Bees – Orange Blossom & Pistachio Lip Butter.

This is another beauty that featured in one of my blogs not too long ago. I like to keep my lips hydrated and this is the first thing I reach for when my lips are feeling a bit dry, I tend to put this on just before I go to bed so when I wake up in the morning my lips feel nourised and soft, which makes a perfect application for lipstick or any other lip product you want to use that day…and guys, the smell is insane, it reminds me of Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

06. NYX #this is everything Lip Oil – Shade (Sheer Berry).

If you want one of those ‘No Makeup’ look days then I find that this product is a go to. It has a slight tint of a gorgous berry colour which is really pretty, as it’s an oil I find it very moisturising and it gives the right amount of colour for days when you dont want too much.


07. Zoeva – 103 Defined Buffer.

I use this normally to apply my foundation and once it’s applied I’ll go over with my damp beauty blender to smooth everything out, I feel doing it this way gives me a much more flawless complexion. You’ll always find this in my makeup bag just incase I do need to blend anything out during the day, I just bounce this on my skin and it smoothes everything back out again (if needed).

08. Paco rabanne – Lady Millions.

Last but by no means least, I like to keep a perfume with me incase I want to feel a bit more refreshed throughout the day. These mini perfumes are the perfect size to slip in to your bag without it taking up too much room. This has got to be one of my all time favourite scents. I always receive compliments when I wear it and it lasts all day which is what you want from a perfume. How adorable is this little bottle by the way!

So there we have a handful of my essentials that will always be with me everytime I leave the house even when I switch bags. Do you have beauty essentials that you don’t leave the house without?


Everythingbeauty992 ♥

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