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Ted Baker: Kiss Of Blossom Trio Lip Balm Set.

Hello my lovelies,

If you have read my latest blog you would know I love a good lip balm. They come in handy when your lips are in need of some TLC but you still want to look cute and put together, tinted lip balms are a 100% go to.

The Kiss Of Blossom Lip Balm Set is a trio of stunning tinted lip balms in three gorgeous scents. Ted Baker’s packaging it literally on point, it has a real elegant look to it and the colour choices of the boxes to the products are such a beautiful design.


The lip balms themselves come in a square pot each with a different coloured lid with the T on the top in gold.

The first balm is in the scent Berry Raspberry which as you guessed is a really pretty berry shade (no sh*t). These balms are very sheer so there is very little colour when applied but adds a nice shine to your lips leaving them feeling moisturised and smelling amazing.


Next up we have the scent Passionfruit which is a gorgeous peachy colour and smells insane! There isn’t too much I can about these with regards to the colour when applied, like I’ve mentioned, there isn’t really any colour, just shine but I really like how they soft they make my lips feel and it’s nice to have a scented balm in your handbag that you can just pop on to make you feel pretty and fresh.


Lastly is the scent Quince & Rhubarb, this is a deep coral shade, again, super pretty colour and very sheer so little colour pay off but how they make your lips feel is what matters most for me so I can’t complain. I won’t lie I didn’t even know what quince was so I had to use my good old friend Google. Quince is a fruit that is in the same family as apples and pears and looks a bit like a lemon. Thought I might aswell share that info with you incase you were like me and didn’t know what it was haha.

IMG_2187_Facetune_09-02-2020-17-22-21This set retails for £12, I feel like that’s a really good price for a set of three Ted Baker lip balms, this would make such a beautiful gift for someone for any occasion, I definitely feel its worth the money.

What’s your favourite tinted lip balms?

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