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Last Minute Valentine Gifts For Him & Her.

Hey cupcakes,

I feel like there shouldn’t be just one day that’s dedicated to celebrating how much we love someone, this is something that should be shown everyday, no? I don’t mean showering them with gifts and flowers but showing how much that person means to you everyday, not just a day that’s marked on a calendar.

Majority of us do still go along with the Valentines tradition, myself being one of them and I wanted to share with you some last minute gifts you can pick up to treat your loved one, so I thought I would do a few for ‘Him & Her.’

Gifts for her.

01. Soap & Glory Sweet Tin-Tations Gift Set.

I love Soap & Glory products & their quirky slogans on there packaging. They have some of the ultimate pamper treats which is why I feel this set is the perfect gift for your loved one so they can indulge in some self care and smell amazing. This set retails for £27 which has gone down from £60 so that’s a huge saving of £33! You can purchase this product here.

download (1)

Gift sets in general are always a great present, especially if you know somebody who loves a certain brand and the gift set contains several of their products, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to try it plus it saves money as it’s always a lot cheaper to buy the set than purchasing separately. Another good pamper gift set I would recommend is from the brand Champneys, they have a ton of great sets on Boots so you should defo go and check them out.

02. Perfume.


You can’t go wrong with perfume! Well you can but if you know what kind of scents they like or if they have a favourite perfume you could always get them that in a set which normally has a body lotion and a smaller perfume you can put in your bag. These vary in price depending on the brand of perfume but Boots normally do really good deals and the perfume shop aswell.

03. Jewellery.

This can be another expensive option to go for, although it doesn’t have to be. Pandora has got to be one of my favourite jewellery stores, their pieces are beautiful yet affordable, granted – some of their items can be expensive but the majority is reasonably priced and are equally stunning.


Here are a few from Pandora that I wanted to show you guys just how beautiful their pieces are. Starting from the top left is the Shimmering Knot Ring £60, on the right is the Princess Wish Ring £60 and lastly at the bottom are the Asymmetrical Heart Stud Earrings £40. Stunning right?

Gifts for him.

01. Sports shirt.

Does your partner have a favourite sport? Whether it be Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball? I find these are a perfect gift if your stuck on what to get, you could even go one step further and get the shirt personalised with their name on the back of their favourite player, that added touch just makes it that more special. You could get the latest training kits or even loungewear. This is an ultimate sports fan gift.

02. Aftershaves.


Just like perfumes, aftershaves are another great gift. If you know the scents your partner likes then it makes choosing a scent so much easier, if they have firm favourites they really like and want to stick to then buying it in a set would be another great option.

03. Console games for Xbox one/PS4/Switch/PC.


Has a new game came out that your partner has been raving on about, or an older game that he hasn’t got yet but wants to buy? Why not treat them to it? You can purchase these games from Game….Argos….Tesco. Quite a few different stores stock these type of things so you should be able to snap one up pretty easily.

There we have it, a few ideas for last minute gifts that are pretty easy to pick up. You don’t have to spend loads of money on a gift for your partner, you don’t even have to spend anything at all if that’s what you have both decided. Clothing is also a very good idea for a present, footwear, literally anything but these are a few gift ideas I thought would be great.

Do you have any plans for valentines?


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