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How To: Create Salon Looking Nails At Home.

Hey angels,

I love to have pretty looking nails however I have a disgusting habit of biting them, gross I know but I tend to do it more when I’m stressed or when my anxiety is playing up.

I don’t have the money to be going to the nail salon every few weeks to get my nails done as this can be quite pricey, especially if you want them done properly and looking on point, so after watching one of Jordan Lipscombe’s youtube videos on how to do your nails at home, I decided to jump on amazon and order myself some bits.

I really like the shape of the ‘Coffin Nails’ so they are the ones I chose. It’s a 500 piece set which come in 10 sizes so there will definitely be nails in there that will fit yours. Each size nail comes in its own little packet so they are not mixed up and they all have numbers from 0-9 on the front which is perfect for knowing which is which. You can find the nails I chose here and these cost me £5.99 which is insane, they are really good quality as they don’t break or splinter and are quite strong.

Facetune 3

How To:

01. To get started, I go through the packs to find the size that fits each nail, then I lay them out in order so I know what is what and don’t get them mixed up.

02. I then make sure hands are thoroughly clean before applying the nail onto my own as you don’t want to be trapping any dirt on your nail bed once the falsie is applied.

03. I’ll go ahead and gently buff the surface of my nail, not too much as you don’t want to damage it, I find doing this gives the falsie a better chance of staying on for longer, I also like to use the false nail to gently push back on my cuticles so it can sit as close to it as possible, this gives the nail a more natural look.

04. I have tried two different nail glues, the first one was the Kiss: Powerflex Brush-On Nail Glue. I really liked the idea of this one as you apply it like you would a nail varnish, however my nails only lasted a few days and I couldn’t wash my hair without losing a nail or two so I then went and picked up the Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue this little guy will be your best friend if you want your nails to last. I managed to keep a whole set on for just under 2 weeks before one started coming loose but I stuck it back down and it was good for another week.

05. Personally, I don’t like to have my nails too long so I like to cut them down with the Elegant Touch False Nail Cutter. This is so much easier to use than a regular nail clipper as u just slide the nail into the cutting curve and snip the nail to however short you want them without damaging the nail in any way.


06. Filing the nail to the shape you want is the next step. The nails already come coffin style but as soon as you cut them down, the shape goes a little bit so you do have to reshape which can be time consuming but once your finished this step and your nails are looking incredible then you know its worth it! For this, I use the Tweezerman Nail File. These come in a pack of 3 and are super pretty ombre files which cost £7.00 for the set.

Facetune 2

07. Choosing your nail colour is a fun step! You can create any design on your nails, if you have any gems or nail stamps or nail art accessories then even better, those are some things that I would like to get to create some really cool designs. I like to use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polishes as they are long lasting and the shine is unreal!


I thought I would show you another item I picked up on amazon which is unreal for the price. Its the Chrome Nail Powders 15 Piece Set which retails for £14.99. They come with those little eyeshadow applicators but I prefer to use my finger to apply the powder, you need to wait until the polish underneath is more than half way dry, then dab your finger into the powder and rub it all over the nail. It can get messy but once it is completely dry you can easily wash away the excess powder.

I wouldn’t advise to use clear polish over the top of the chrome as this can tend to make it look glittery instead of chrome which isn’t a problem if you want it to look that way but I prefer how the chrome looks.

Another tip for using the chrome powders is they different base colours makes the powders turn out a bit different. For example, if your using a black polish as a base colour and using a bright red chrome powder, it will turn out a darker red. If your using a white polish as a base colour and a bright red chrome powder then it turn out a lighter red and if you want to use a red polish as a base colour you would get the true red colour that’s in the pot.

Facetune 4

This is a great way to save yourself a load of cash if you love having your nails done but don’t want to keep spending your money at a salon. Although having the done in a salon can be a nice pampering treat, it’s quite fun doing them yourself and being creative with your own designs.

Once I have finished with my nails and they are fully dry, I like to wash my hands and finish with my favourite hand moisturiser to make them soft and nourished and then wahlah! There you have your own salon ready nails created by YOU!

Would you try this out at home?


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