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Lockdown Day 5: Trying To Keep Busy.

Hey angels,

Today when I woke up I was feeling very productive. I always seem to wake up around 7am as that’s the time I normally get up when I go to work so my body clock never lets me have a lay in! Darn it!

I always reach straight for my phone which is not a great way to start the day for me as I find myself scrolling through social media and comparing myself to other girls which is seriously not what I need right now so I think starting from tomorrow I’m gonna try and break that habit.

I came in our living room and made my bowl of coco pops and chilled on the sofa with no tv or radio on and just ate my cereal. It was really calming and relaxing actually, I really enjoyed it. After I washed up my bowl I grabbed my book and sat back on the sofa and had a bit of a read which again, there is something really relaxing about just sitting there in the quiet with a book, especially in the morning, it’s a nice way to start the day.

I jumped in the shower after having a bit of a read and then played a bit of Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Yes, I’m obsessed and if you haven’t played it or don’t have a Nintendo switch then you need it in your life!

Then I hit a bit of a low… I felt angry, I cried, I felt anxious and sad… I was a mess but that’s okay…you have to go through these emotions in order to come out better on the other side so I try not to be too hard on myself when I have those moments. If you suffer with anxiety or know someone who does then you will understand what I mean =)

Facetune 5

I started drawing again today! I haven’t drawn in a very long time, it was really nice to grab my sketch book and pencils, pop some music on and zone out. Does anyone else find drawing comforting?

I also really wanna paint my nails today aswell, my current polish is chipped but you know when you need to do repaint them but you really can’t be bothered? … Yeah same! If I don’t end up doing it before the night is out then I’ll do it tomorrow…maybe!

I think for the rest of my evening I’m just going to get a fresh pair of comfies on because lets be honest, that’s all most of us are wearing for the next 3 weeks right? Or am I just too lazy to get dressed haha. I’m feeling to watch all of the Jurassic Park films as I’m slightly obsessed with dinosaurs… was anyone else when they was a kid? I really wanted to be an archaeologist and discover fossils! That would have been so damn cool.

I know these blogs are a bit of a ramble but it’s kind of like a diary entry where I can just write whatever in these times where I’m struggling with my mental health and I’m having to do my counselling sessions over video call as I can’t go to the place I normally do which I am so grateful that I can still do that with my counsellor otherwise I really do think I will go insane.

If any of you are suffering and you do need somebody to talk to, please just message below and we can chat on Instagram or better yet, I’ll leave my name on Instagram down below as usual and we can talk on there =)

What have you been up to today? Are you watching anything good on TV at the moment?


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