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Lockdown Day 7: Running Out Of Things To Do?

Hey angels,

So we are entering our second week of being in lockdown, I feel like that has actually gone pretty quick though, although it is a brain boggler trying to think of things to keep yourself occupied.

I think I woke up around half 7 this morning which is a lay in for me, I put some washing on and then I watched my soaps on that are on series link, Emmerdale and Coronation street, anyone else a fan? I had my morning coffee and a white chocolate and strawberry muffin from Tesco – guys if you haven’t tried these then you seriously need to because they are in-cred-ible!

My fiancé works a night shift so he got up around 12ish this afternoon and we sat and watched some tv, I know I’m nearly 28 but I’m still obsessed with cartoons! Some people just never grow up and I guess I’m clearly one of them haha!

I found a documentary on Disney + on the Nat Geo section about the Titanic which again, I’m obsessed with anything to do with it. So I sat down and watched that and got upset as ya do.

Facetune 7

I’m creating a playlist on Spotify of some songs I’ve been loving listening to when I’m drawing or playing animal crossing, if you would like me to share with you the songs on my blog then let me know and I’ll happily add that aswell.

Still no painted nails either guys, am I actually the laziest person ever or what, this is the third day now that I have mentioned it and they are still in the same state.

I’m feeling to order some colouring books, you can find some really nice ones on amazon, so I might jump on their and order one or a couple.

Tonight for dinner my fiancé is cooking a roast! Yes, I’m aware its not Sunday but everyday is like a weekend at the moment so this makes it okay =) for desert we have treacle sponge with custard, slightly drooling right now!

I’m still yet to practise my makeup skills, blending! I can’t lie, I’m finding it hard to find motivation to do anything at the moment. Is anyone else feeling the same way or are you managing to drag yourselves off the sofa and get on with stuff, if you are then tell me how you’re managing to do that please!

What are you all doing in your spare time? Share your ideas below =)


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