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Lockdown Day 8: I Finally Done It!

Hey angels,

How are we all today? I’m doing okay, I finally painted my nails! I gave myself a mani and a pedi which was well an truly needed. I used my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish and the top coat which I am still loving. There are so many colours on the Sally Hansen website which I really want to buy. I’ll put pictures of the colours below.

From left to right: Wine Stock, Greyfitti, Plush Blush, Hunger Flames.


I watched a few youtube videos aswell, I had quite a few to catch up on so I made myself a coffee, grabbed a fluffy blanket and indulged in that for a couple of hours, defo not good for the eyes but on the upside, I found a good way to help with budgeting. I watched a youtube video Thuyle and her sister Huong which I’ll link the video here.

Its an app called Fudget and you basically put your total income what you earn each month, then put all your expenses in and once you paid it there is a tab that says paid if you slide it to the left, click on that and the total comes off the amount shown at the bottom. It basically helps you see what your spending and how much you have left and if it stays in the green then that’s great, if the amount at the bottom turns to red then you’ve over spent. I really think this is going to be a very useful app.

I then watched a video by Roxxsaurus which I’ll link here. It’s from a website called Everything £5… pretty self explanatory, everything you see on there is £5 which is a bloody bargain! It’s basically stock that come from known high street retailers such as New Look, Topshop, Zara…it’s stock that they are getting rid of as its not in anymore and they sell it to small companies like Everything £5 which they then sell on which I think is a great thing to do as it isn’t going to waste.

Guys let me tell you, I found some really nice things on there…I’ll share some shoes with you that I saw which I really want to purchase but I wont, I’ll be good ha!


I know these are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m low key obsessed with the chunky trainers! How cool and edgy are they and for £5…plus, if you go and watch the youtube video I linked you can see just how good the quality of the shoes are.

After many hours of looking online for things I can’t have, I went and had a shower and washed my hair, put some clean comfies on when I got out and facetimed my sister as its her birthday today and because of lockdown, my fiancé and I couldn’t go round there, so we decided to call her on facetime and have dinner with her over the phone because why not.

Now I’m going to chill and watch the crime channel for a bit, my partner works nights which sucks so bad =( … he is sleeping at the moment before he goes to work so yeah I’m a larry! But I’ve got my book to read, tv to watch, snacks that need to be eaten…looks like I’ve got a busy night ahead!

How has your day been? What are you getting up to?


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