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Morphe Week – Day 2 – 35B Color Burst Palette.

Hey lovelies,

This second palette I ordered the same time as the one I blogged about yesterday – if you haven’t read that blog I’ll link that here.

This is the 35B Color Burst palette which was also in the sale at the time I ordered it. Its original price is £24 but the sale price was £15 – an absolute steal. You get yet another stunning 35 eyeshadows which range from a couple neutrals, yellows, pinks and purples, greens and blues and these are a range of shimmers and mattes.

Facetune 23

With these two palettes I also picked up an eyelid primer which retails at £10 but it was in the sale for £6 and also some false eyelashes in the style Yass Queen which retail for £12. I don’t normally wear false lashes, simply because I struggle to apply them ha! So I didn’t end up keeping the lashes.


Again, the shades are really pigmented and are true to colour apart from the yellow, I feel like it doesn’t come off as strong on the lid which in unfortunate as it looks beautiful in the palette, also the bright pinks and purples seem to stain my lids! I took it off and it seriously looked like I was still wearing it and I did use the Plouise base aswell so that’s crappy but they still look beautiful.

Row 1.

Facetune 18

From left to right.

  •  Chalk, Pillow, Heart, Wild Berry, Moss Boss, Ink, Deep Dive.

Row 2.

Facetune 19

From left to right.

  • Pale, Bubble Gum, Lollipop, Pixie, Apple Cider, Lavender, Sky.

Row 3.

Facetune 20

From left to right.

  • Fairy, Smoothie, Pom Pom, Fuchsia, Ziggy, Purplish, Azure.

Row 4.

Facetune 21

From left to right.

  • Lemonade, Brilliant, Chicory, Bikini, Earthy, Grape Pop, Denim.

Row 5.

Facetune 22

From left to right.

  • Sunshine, Watermelon, Puffs, Beets Me, Forest, Frosty, Pebble.


This is a look I created using the shades Puffs, Sunshine, Smoothie, Brilliant, Chicory and Lemonade.

As much as I love this palette I do feel as though this one has more downfalls than the 35M Boss Mood palette. Like I mentioned earlier, the yellow isn’t as bright as it shows in the palette and I find even if I try and build it up, I can’t get that same intensity. The black is nowhere near as pigmented as the black in the Boss Mood , you can see from the picture it’s more of a grey/black. I found the brighter the colour or the deeper the shade, the more fall out but that’s nothing major as you can just wipe it away. I do really like the colour story though, the shades are beautiful, they blend really well and for the price, I really don’t think you can complain.

Have you been more obsessed with makeup since lockdown? What are your favourite products?


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